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Uber driver is driving while getting unemployment

While the world’s economy is reeling from the effects of COVID-19, there are those that are gaming the system. While this may or may not seem to affect you and yours, keep in mind that there is a huge backlog of workers trying receive unemployment because that is truly the only source of income they have. I personally do not think Uber drivers should get unemployment as you are still able to work. Your weekly earnings are likely less, but nonetheless you can work.

Fast forward now to this post by Shelly (yes, we will likely get reeled for providing just her name, but she needs to be exposed since she is committing fraud and therefore a criminal.)

“Man worked all night and had a awesome night and weekend so far. Got 430 just in cash tips tonight lol, blessed. Hope you all doing awesome too. Headed home to meet my son, then Uber some more tonight. At least I made the 1000.00 to pay to get work done to my car and without the governments help. God is good and answers prayers.”

That’s awesome Shelly, we are glad you are not relying on the governments help to fix your car (we are not even going to get into why you are taking riders in a car that needs work and is likely unsafe to drive).

The problem Shelly is the fact that you are bragging about getting unemployment.. NOT even a month ago.

I am not going to say I am an unemployment expert, but unemployment means you are NOT employed. Why are you double dipping Shelly?

By the way, all relevant information has been submitted to the TWC fraud department, with last name.

A special thanks to a Joseph S. for bring this to our attention and providing us screenshots.

Update: In our comment section, a reader mentioned that her much needed maintenance doesn’t mean it is necessarily not safe fro the riders, but we did some digging and found a publicly available post by Shelly:

While we are not mechanics, bad struts and bar links can make for one hazardous situation if not taken care of quickly for the average driver. Not to mention the ac fan which could of caused her car to overheat. Being a for hire vehicle, this car should of been taken out of service. No questions about it. We are very fortunate nothing happened with a rider inside.

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