Shady Drivers

Uber drivers have found a way around the mask algorithm

In an effort to flatten the curve with COVID-19, Uber decided to require that drivers wear a mask while online. However, Uber drivers, like the one shown below are circumventing the facial algorithm that Uber has put into place to determine if they are wearing a mask or not and then brag about it online.

Uber driver covers face to trick Ubers facial algorithm

This is really quite sad that drivers would do this. Wearing a mask is really not hard. You are able to wear any mask you can find or make, even if this is just a bandanna. There is no reason to not wear a mask.

I get why some think wearing a mask is a joke. Just like anything else surrounding COVID-19, there really is no hard evidence to determine if homemade masks work or not against COVID-19 and can be extremely uncomfortable, especially if you made one out of an old cotton t-shirt and you get hot easily (as in my case). However, whatever material you use for your face covering, there is a certain degree of effectiveness to not just prevent you from spreading the germs but to prevent the germs from landing in your mouth. This video helps break it down. While you watch the video, keep in mind, this is not just for COVID-19 germs. This can be any germ. Hospitals and clinics have seen a decrease in patients since social distancing came about. I am sure a lot of people are simply not going out of fear of catching coronavirus for simple conditions like the flu and whatnot, but a big reason why medical practices are not as busy is that people are not spreading germs like they used to. For starters, kids are not bringing germs home from school and getting the rest of the family sick.

Whoever you vote for shouldn’t determine if you wear a mask or not.

Psst! Unless you are one of those drivers that allow riders to control your a/c through UberComfort because you want a few more pennies, you can set the climate in your car. If that mask is too hot for you, make your car colder. If you have an underlying condition that makes it hard to breathe in a mask, you probably shouldn’t be out and about in a pandemic period.

The faster we kick COVID-19, the quicker our riders can head back to the bars and sports venues. Even if wearing a mask helps out by 5%, that is 5% faster life can get back to normal.

Even the greatest generation and their parents that fought WWI and Hitler in WWII had no qualms about wearing a mask during the Spanish Flu. The mask did not determine how tough they were.

Coronavirus: What sports looked like during 1918 Spanish flu
Spanish Flu Football Spectators

Don’t be a dummy. Be nice to your fellow humans. Wear a damn mask or stay home!

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