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Lyft is increasing their cancellation fee in Houston

Lyft has finally decided to increase its cancellation fee here in Houston.

“Starting on 6/15 qualifying cancellation fees will be based on the time and distance you travel to the pickup – and there’s a $2 minimum fee.”

You are likely shaking your head in disgust muttering to yourself, “a $2 cancellation fee is even less than before, how is that an increase?”

Think about it for a second:

From what Lyft is saying, we will be paid $2 minimum + our mileage and time rate. This means, if you travel roughly 3-5 miles to your rider, then wait 5 minutes, you will be paid the full $5 (perhaps more depending on their service tier.)

Yes, there will be times will you will see a $2 minimum, but for the most part, in the Houston market, we are required to travel at least a few miles to our rider. Downtown at 2 am? Gone are the days of getting $20 from cancel fees before you can find your rider, but then again, you did not really have to travel far to the pickup location to find your next rider in the first place so it is a bit justified.

The drivers that will benefit the greatest from this new cancellation policy are those that work in the suburbs. 20-25 minute pickups are the norm and it sucks when you get there and the rider cancels.

Now, all Lyft needs to do is work on those long pick ups and short trips.

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