Lyft: Drivers want a way to “Comp” 5 star riders

Lyft: Wouldn’t it be awesome if drivers had a way to comp riders?

Today, our biggest fan, who is also a driver, came up with probably one of the best ideas I have heard in a while.

“What if there was a way to comp our riders? As in, instead of pressing that menu option to end the ride early, because they are doing something bad, why not have a comp option that deducts money out of our earnings for that week, to pay for that ride, before we are paid out?

You know, she is a better person than all of the rest of the drivers combined, but that’s just the kind of person she is.  

However, she pointed out that there are some awesome riders out there that you just want to do a good deed for. Maybe they fell on hard times, and are taking Lyft out of necessity, and/or maybe they are the best rider you have ever had. I cannot remember the details, but this one rider did stick out in my mind as she said this.

It’s actually a pretty neat little feature. Especially during this time when Lyft and Uber drivers are basically shuffling essential personnel around. Remember, essential works right now (during the COVID-19) epidemic are your frontline workers. Sure, doctors are probably making a killing right now, but most of the frontline workers we are shuffling around, work at the grocery stores, restaurants, back office etc. Basically, your lower income workers that do not have the option of working from home.

Comp via Lyft Credits

It would be nice if Lyft can give us a few credits every month to comp riders with, but let’s be honest for a second: Rideshare drivers have some of the shadiest people driving for them and those credits will end up being used to comp “friends”. There would need to be some policies put into place to ensure this does not happen.

Comp via Nominations

I would also love to see Lyft (or Uber) but Lyft especially, since they seem to be more of the caring type, to give an option that drivers can nominate your favorite rider of the day, week, month etc. Once you nominate a rider, you should be presented with an option as to why that rider deserves a free ride. Since there are millions of rides given every day, it would need to be a bit randomized, but they can draw 10, 20 rides and have a team of employees vote on which story they like the best and vote for a few of the most heart touching and comp those riders. Having to provide a couple comments as to why would help prevent the rider from buying the driver’s nomination with a few bucks (but hey, I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t nominate a rider based on the tip.)

Whether it is a comp paid out of the drivers earnings, Lyft credits, or a nomination, I can almost guarantee once riders catch on, they will be more respectful of us, our vehicle and time.

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