Watch the moment firecrackers get thrown into an Uber

While this did not happen in Houston, I believe everyone should watch this.

Here is the original post:

According to “Dee Batie“, this a rider through firecrackers in her Uber because something happened on that ride.

PSA!!!??? If You’re Out Doing Lyft Or Uber Avoid Picking Up Or Dropping Off Pax At Your Own Risk At Central Garden Apartments, Located At 6804 Central Avenue Capital Heights, MD 20743. This Happened Two Nights Ago To A Guy Dropping Off A Pax. I Don’t Care What Transpired During Your Ride With A Driver, You Never Do Shit Like This! Again At Your Own Risk Avoid Picking Up And Dropping Off Pax In This Vicinity, Because Obviously The People Don’t A Fuck If You Live Or Die!”

While we do not condone the comment about being careful where you pickup/drop-off, you do need to treat every rider with respect. If they say something you don’t like, swallow your tongue, your pride and situations like this can easily be avoided.

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