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UberGrocery coming soon to Houston

Uber has now partnered up with Cornershop, a Grocery Delivery app.

Starting today, customers in some cities of Latin America and Canada (where Cornershop operates) will be able to order through both Uber and UberEats. Later this month, we will see Miami and Dallas added to the list of cities.

Uber has plans to bring Cornershop to cities across the US and the world “over the coming months.”

With Houston being the 4th largest city in the United States, our experts here at Rideshare Houston agree Houston will be on the list in the Fall of 2020 if everything goes well on Uber’s end.

Overall, this is a good thing. There is nothing like going picking up a rider that needs a few things from the store. A delivery fee will likely cost the rider less then taking an Uber, and drivers will not have to deal with the rides that pay out less than $3.

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