Shady Drivers

Watch: Uber Driver Pulls Gun On Protesters

*It is against policy to carry a gun in an Uber for both riders and drivers.

Columbia, SC – On July 10, 2020 @black_lives_sc posted on Twitter footage of a Uber driver that was driving by a protest in Columbia, SC as shown in the video below.

The video is not very clear as to if he pulled out a gun or not, but you do have multiple people shouting “He has a gun!” in the background.

Even if he did not pull a gun, at the beginning of the video, it appeared he said something to aggravate the peaceful protestors, which initiated the video recording.

Remember, when you drive for Uber or Lyft you are 100% representing the company. How you drive, what you do, reflects back on the company. If you decide to go yell at some protestors and/or pull a gun, it may be smart to remove Uber stickers, as well as your phone from the dashboard.

While I am 100% for the 2nd Amendment, there are a lot of people out there that simply not responsible enough to carry a gun. This driver is one of them.

Just in case Uber decides to go after this driver, the license plate is: 2149MM (SC).

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