Shady Drivers

Racist driver threatens to call police on immigrants

A racist driver by the name of Eric decided to verbally assault an elderly couple because they were no fluent in English.

While racism is alive and well in 2020, it amazes me how anyone can be racist and decide to drive for Uber, Lyft or any other ridesharing services.

Naturally, being a rideshare driver you are going to come across all walks of life. After all, a huge chunk of our business come from “out of towners” that will otherwise have a car if they were at home, wherever they maybe from.

The first thing I noticed when I saw his picture was that smug look on his face. What most riders do not realize is that if you happen to notice that, or if any diver makes you feel uncomfortable before you get into the vehicle, you can cancel. While you maybe charged a cancellation fee upfront, Uber and Lyft are pretty good at refunding cancellation fees, especially when you mention you do not feel comfortable with a certain driver.

Hopefully Uber can deactivate Eric. We have no room for drivers like him.

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