Amazon should be charged more by the U.S. Post Office?

Trump actually has a point, ya know.

(Full disclosure: I am a prime member and also deliver for Amazon)

Amazon has long received discounts on shipping from USPS. In fact, the recent addition of “Sunday” delivery is basically Amazon day. While Amazon is not the only company that receives discounts from USPS, they are by far the largest and most profitable company.

So how is that a bad thing for taxpayers?

The United States Postal Service relies on tax dollars to stay “afloat”. This is a sticky point for many Americans as the postal service is here as a government service, not a for profit corporation right? So why are big companies like Amazon, who have been highly profitable get discounts? You know what makes up for these discounts? Taxpayer dollars.

Of course, we can sit here and debate about how Amazon receives discounts through FedEx and UPS, but that really does not matter since taxpayers are not paying for those discounts.

However, this does not take away from the fact that Donald Trump is using the postal service discounts to better his agenda of preventing voters (namely) from casting their votes.

So what happens if Trump bans Amazon from USPS discounts?

Being a gig economy worker who directly benefits from I am in favor of this idea. This will push Amazon to expand their 3rd party services, namely Amazon Flex, and I will be able to deliver more packages. =)

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