Shady Drivers

Creepy Lyft driver creeps out Lyft rider in Miami

This is pretty creepy and really uncalled for.

A Uber driver by the name of Abel decided to harass his rider today by calling her baby and asking to take her home, and get her number. Drivers like Abel should not be allowed on the Lyft or Uber platform.

Many riders have asked for a way to request woman only drivers. While this sounds like a great idea for riders, there is a very real possibility that men would sign up under a woman’s name and request ONLY request woman drivers, thus putting the woman drivers at a higher risk of picking up a pervert(s).

What Uber and Lyft both need to do is allow riders to select drivers based on factors such as ratings, number of trips, and how long they have been driving on said platform.

Remember, as a rider you can cancel within 2 minutes and not be charged a cancellation fee.

While it is not a “catch-all”, I personally (yes, I am a driver) cancel on drivers that have been driving for less than 3 months, and have a rating of 4.9 or higher. It is critical to look at how long they have been driving since a new driver will start off with a 5.0. Really, it’s sad Lyft and Uber do not give us these options, but “it is what it is”.

Newbies have to start somewhere, but hey, that’s for someone else to find out. Not me, or my family.

In a perfect world, you would be able to connect with drivers that you have ridden with before and trust, and/or connect with drivers that your family or friends recommend.

Hopefully, we can all avoid Abel.

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