Shady Drivers

Lyft driver drags black woman out of the car and leaves her on the side of the freeway

A rider shared a horrible experience on Instagram to let others be aware of a driver named Sergio.

Here is the full clip:

In case you can’t watch, it, she basically describes how she was in a Lyft vehicle, coming from the out of town (likely the airport), with a driver who’s father recently passed away from COVID-19. He made her use hand sanitizer and had the windows rolled down for ventilation (as recommended by Lyft).

As they approached the 405, she asked if he can roll the windows up and they could use the a/c. Nothing out of the ordinary if you have ever lived or visited L.A.

After he declined, she rolled up her window, just her window since she had on a hoodie and wanted to cool off. Why did she have on a hoodie? Airplanes are cold.

Anyhow, at this point, the driver became agitated and decided to swerve across the freeway (from the carpool lane to the emergency lane). At this point, he stopped, yelled at her to get out. When she refused and asked to be taken to the nearest exit, he grabbed her by the hoodie and threw her onto the side of the freeway. After calling a friend and the police, she was able to get a ride from a “white family” who made a u-turn after seeing her trying to wave cars down.

So who is this mysterious driver named Sergio?

If you ever see Sergio, be sure to cancel the ride. He seems a bit off his hinges.

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