Shady Drivers

Uber driver refuses to take a rider because of their guest

From urine to fur to allergies not everyone is a fan of having animals in their car.

Meet Darius. A 4.97 Uber driver in a Toyota RAV4 that refuses to take a puppy in a sherpa carrier.

Don’t get me wrong. As someone who has a 2-year-old puppy, I am afraid every time a doggie gets in my car. Urine and poop are likely to happen, especially with puppies. (I also hate having to deal with pet dander), but it is part of the job.

However, this puppy is IN A CARRIER.

That means any poop, urine, or fur will be IN THE CARRIER. There is absolutely no threat of a mess. Honestly, I wish Uber and Lyft would require a carrier for animals that are not service animals. Although, I have never had a bad experience with riders who have doggies, with the exception of fur being left all over the seats (which the rider did offer to clean and left a generous tip when I told her don’t worry about it)

Speaking of service animals – It COMPLETELY blows my mind as to why someone will deny a rider with any kind of animal at this point. While the rider who posted this did not mention this was a service animal, a rider who wants to get you “fired” will complain to Uber or Lyft that it was an emotional support animal or service animal.

Of course, I get drivers with allergies. You know, I really did not understand how bad allergies could be until I had a coworker that was basically allergic to everything. To the point where she was in the hospital a few times a year. If your allergies are that sensitive, you need to find another job, because guess what? You are going to be exposed to all kinds of stuff, and pet fur will likely be on your rider’s clothes at one point or another.

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