Can you really trust the post office with your vote?

Louis DeJoy has committed to delaying any major changes until after the election and has also committed to delivering all ballots on time.

The general consensus is to mail your ballot off as soon as you get it right? Sounds simple enough. But is that enough? To determine this, we need to ask ourselves why is the post office having a hard time delivering mail.

Of course, we all know why. The sorting machines that can sort tens of thousands of pieces of mail per hour were stopped. To be fair, they are old machines, and could possibly be replaced with better, energy-efficient machines that can sort faster, for a fraction of the cost.

However, we have to remember though that Louis DeJoy is a staunch Trump supporter. He contributed thousands to his campaign, and guess what? Trump appointed him and now he is in charge of the entire Post Office.

Why is this important?

There is no question about it. Trump supporters refuse to believe that COVID-19 is real. For the few that do, they believe it is just a common cold and think a mask is taking away their freedom.

However, Biden supporters aka are afraid of COVID-19. They know it is real. They stay home whenever they can and when they do go out, they avoid large crowds, such as polling centers. If they had the choice, they would vote by mail in an instant.

Trump strategically placed someone loyal to him in charge of the mail. If these ballots simply do not make it in time. Guess who wins?

Trump is doing anything he can to get win the election, and for that reason, we all need to go out and vote IN PERSON. Voting in person is the only way you can ensure your vote is counted!

Yes, this is a rideshare website, so let me remind you what trump thinks of his drivers.

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