This is exactly what the world thinks of Trump

Yes, this is a video still from Trump’s own campaign video…

With the 2020 election in full swing, as a swing voter, I have pretty much all but given up on Republicans this election (and perhaps for years to come) until I watched the propaganda video Trump just posted. I am sorry, I meant campaign video.

Yup. That is at the 1:30 minute mark.

Now I will be honest, I can’t name any of those world leaders off the top of my head, besides President Trump but their expressions while he talks are priceless. They are looking at him, like “really?” The guy closest to the camera looks like he is thinking “Is this over yet? Is he really talking again?”

If you think Trump makes America look good, you are sadly mistaken. We have basically become the laughing stock of the world.

Now, if you want to go watch this video, go ahead:

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