Kyle Rittenhouse needs the death penalty

Kyle Rittenhouse the teen who shot three protestors – two of them fatally in Kenosha has been charged with murder.

According to the Daily Beast “The arrest came after hours of social media chatter tying the teenager to the shooting. Rittenhouse’s Facebook page became unavailable shortly before the announcement of his arrest, but it included numerous photos with Blue Lives Matter-style pro-police slogans and imagery, as well as of an Armalite rifle similar to the one he appears to have been photographed carrying in Kenosha.”

This is a reason why I swing vote. Democrats are against the death penalty (and quite honestly, I have been leaning towards abolishing the death penalty, simply because there are way too many innocent people that are wrongly incarcerated.) However, people like Kyle is why the death penalty needs to remain.

Kyle, sure he is 17 years old, and considered a juvenile, but he is only 1 year away from being an “adult”. His mental capacity is all there. He 3 protestors in cold blood. If he walks away after any amount of time spent in prison, he will only become more bitter and will pick up where he left off at.

Gun control needs to be figured out, and quickly. A 17-year-old does not need access to an AR-15 for any reason. Do we ban all AR-15’s? No. But gun control is needed. Swift and harsh penalties need to be laid out to neglectful gun owners that leave their weapons in cars, easy to break safes, etc. Then and only then will “responsible” gun owners actually become responsible.

While Capital punishment in Wisconsin was abolished in 1853, this is clearly a hatecrime that the feds can take up and puruse the dealth penalty for Kyle.

7 thoughts on “Kyle Rittenhouse needs the death penalty
    1. Agreed as well. I tend not to be a supporter of the death penalty in most cases, Rittenhouse deserves it. He shot three people protesting a horrible injustice in cold blood, killing two of them. Rittenhouse is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with this country at this moment in history and he should pay for his crimes.

  1. Wait till I find the author of this piece.
    MY opinion on the death penalty will be VERY clear to all those wanting a seventeen year-old dead.

    VERY clear.

    #FreeKyle #DefundBLM

    1. You can post your view here in the comment thread. This website respects everyone’s opinion, even if we don’t agree.

      But yea, last thing I want is the death penalty for anyone, much less a 17 year old. Kyle is dangerous though. Hopefully they can give him life at least. Sucks for him, but sucks more for the victims families, who he gave a life sentence to.

    2. What will happen when you find the author of this piece Jack? How will you be, quote: “VERY clear” ? Perhaps you could elaborate.

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