Trump 2020 Landslide?

Forget Biden/Harris or even Kayne. A Trump 2020 landslide is very likely to happen.

I know, that is not the news I want to hear either. You can’t hide from the fact though that Trump and friends are doing everything they can to prevent Democrats from winning.

Trump and friends know that the Democrats are afraid of #COVID19 and will avoid large crowds whenever possible, even if that means voting and this is why Trump is intentionally slowing down mail at the post office.

Yes, I know DeJoy committed to delivering ballots on time. However, we can not simply think that he will follow through on his promise.

We must do everything we can to prevent a trump white house win. 4 more years of Trump and we will see tens of millions of American’s die from COVID-19, Even more, will lose their livelihoods and struggle to feed their kids. I am clueless as to why anyone would trust a “businessman” that has filed multiple bankruptcies to run the economy and the country.

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