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Watch: The video that “justifies” the Deon Kay shooting

This video is pretty clear, at the beginning of the video, you can see the officer giving chase to Deon Kay. Deon decides to hide behind a vehicle and as soon as the officer runs past him, Deon comes out from behind the vehicle and clearly has a gun in his hand:

You may have watched the video and probably told yourself: “There is no way the cop saw that gun”. Keep in mind though, the grainy, shaky video we get, is not what the cop is seeing in real life. Not to mention, sneaking up behind an officer is really never a great idea. Even if Deon was found to be unarmed, a jury would have decided the sneaking up behind a cop that is giving chase to you would have spooked the cop for “fear of his life”.

To further justify the officer’s actions, he shot Deon ONCE. This was not one of those situations that several officers poured hundreds of bullets into him in a matter of seconds. One bullet.

It’s an open and closed book legally speaking.

However, every officer involved shooting needs to be scrutinized, whether it ends in a death or not.

I feel bad for Deon’s family. I really do, but this was justified. The officer who fired the shot deserves to go home to his family, just as much as Deon did.

Sneaking up behind cops, with a gun in hand is really not a smart idea.

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