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How to deal with permanent stains

Being in a industry where customers may see our cars, a dirty car can be the difference between a good or bad rating, which can cost you your job.

A customer would probably freak out that their donuts were left on the “dirty” floor.

As someone who has picked up a couple cash cars to use for Uber and Lyft, I can confirm that the stains in the above photo are not coming out all the way. A good professional detail will help, but they will always be there. I have also done delivery for several different companies, and there are customers that will come out to your vehicle. Even though they know they are getting a cheap delivery, they do not want to see those stains.

At the same time, even though I had stains like that, and knew they were stains I still couldn’t fathom putting my food on there. There is just something about seeing the dirt that makes everything look dirty.

Anyways, while search for seat covers and what not, I came across something on Amazon called Cargo mats.

These are basically floor liners that you can cut to fit your vehicle better, (I used regular scissors at the time) and it is probably the best thing you can invest in for your trunk. Unfortunately, I no longer have the car I had them in, and I don’t recall taking a picture of it, but the ones linked here are pretty nice and work well. These particular ones come in a gray, and tan color as well.

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