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Molotov Cocktails found at “peaceful protests”

Why does this not concern you?

Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security shared an image of Molotov cocktails that were found at a protest over the weekend. This simply proves that these protests are not peaceful at all.

However, there are some red flags as to the authenticity of this photo.

1) He does not share where they were found, nor does he give any indication as to who left them there. For all we know, these could have been left behind by Trump supporters, and/or a state actor.

2) We really can’t tell where this photo was taken, besides what appears to be a parking lot. There is no background. Nothing to show us where this might have been at. This could have been taken at a number of riots that have taken place in the last few years around the world.

The biggest concern is here is the fact that a top official from Homeland Security shared it. The fact that he is not just stating facts, but really pushing Trump’s agenda should concern every American.

Assuming we get any kind of statement out of Homeland, it will likely be something along the lines of “We can’t share any more information because it is a ongoing investigation”.

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