Take 5

Donald Trump cannot be trusted with children and damn sure can’t be trusted to lead the country.

“Trump has shown us the true depths of his depravity. It’s past time we call him out for his sick, twisted and criminal behavior.”

I see #PedoTrump is trending. About time. We all know what Trump is. The projection Republicans and Trump constantly do on this is so obvious and absolutely disgusting.

As a father of a daughter, I must say that if you are judging your daughter’s legs or breasts like @realDonaldTrump, you are psychotic beyond repair. Most fathers would literally give their lives/freedom to protect their daughters from these kinds of predators. #PedoTrump

Let’s face it, Trump’s interest in young girls is unnatural. It’s perverted…it’s disgusting, And if he did anything like that to MY daughter… I’d be in prison because…I might have to hurt #PedoTrump. Stay away from our daughters….#PedoTrump

The MOST disturbing ad I’ve ever seen This is mandatory viewing for all. #PedoTrump is disgusting and despicable.

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