Rider threatens to kill Houston Lyft driver over a lost phone.

Since we were originally tipped off to this post by another driver, we have decided to keep the driver who posted this in a private Facebook group anonymous. If you are a member of the media or police and would like to inquire with the driver further, please send us a message via @RideshareHTX and we will contact the driver to see if they would like to come forward.

This is a bit concerning though. You can see the heated text messages below:

This rider was clearly frustrated that they forgot their phone in a Lyft vehicle. The driver goes on to explain:

“Yeahhhh so a passenger threatened to shoot me today because I reported her for wasting the drink she was holding on my seat and my floor boards. She left her phone under the seat and I didn’t realize it until I cleaned up HER mess. I contacted Lyft and let them know that she left her phone and they gave an option of returning it or I could mail it back to her. Long story short, I did not feel like bringing it back to her so I opted to mail it in and I let Lyft know that I did not want her contacting me because she messed up my seat. So, while I’m in the store she contacts me about the phone, I didn’t answer because I was in the check out lane, she calls me, I answer and she says she’s going to kill me and she knows where I live and then she text me saying she’s going to shoot me. I contacted Lyft several times to report her stupid ass and they have not gotten back to me. I was going to deliver the phone back to her but now she can pick that muthafucka up at the nearest POlice station. I’m from the hood (3rd Ward) and I don’t take threats very well. Here is a screenshot of her incoherent threat.”

We usually use this time to insert advice about what to do if you find yourself in this situation. However, this driver, did everything by the book. Sometimes you just get that inebriated rider that makes a mess and forgets something in your car because you are so inebriated.

Just to sum up what she did for newbies:

1) She reported a mess and decided to let Lyft know that she was going to mail the phone back. Any driver who has initiated a cleaning knows, it’s best to never have contact with that rider again.

2) After the rider started to give her problems and threatened to kill her, she decided to make a little trip down to the police station to drop off the phone (and hopefully make a report so there is a paperwork trail should this rider decide to follow through with her threats).

Honestly, the driver did a superb job handling this. There are some drivers that will sit there and demand payment from a rider upfront for making a mess, but this driver knew, to simply report it to Lyft. If this rider does have a gun, and you started arguing with them over a dropped cup, guess what? Bang Bang you are dead. Keeping a cool head really does pay off.

Of course, there will be those that say.. “Umm she was just drunk or high, didn’t mean it”. — While that can very well be the case, but it is better safe than sorry. There are bat shit crazy people out there.

This rider needs to be arrested for making terroristic threats.

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