Uber Customer harrases UberEats Driver

“Some of you have never worked service industry. This is the most casual, obviously joking, drunken and awkwardly delivered, classic trolling the uber driver. He’s happy about his food coming soon. No harm done. Chill out guys lol” – This guy obviously has no clue what it is like to be a woman.

By no means should you have to put up with a customer like this.

Another driver hit the nail on the head for situations like this:

“Would not blame you for just reporting and canceling. The customer is giving you a reason to fear for your safety. Maybe a drive-by to assess the area and make the final decision.”

Even though this message was sent through Uber’s app, I would be sure to screenshot and cancel, for safety reasons. This would actually be a good time to call Uber’s safety hotline, which could be found in the app. Let Uber know that you did not feel safe delivering this food and tell them the reason why. In situations like this, Uber should deactivate this customer’s account, whether it was playful or not. #driverslivesmatters

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