Why is your check engine light on?

“This is a must have tool for every Rideshare driver.”

Ever wonder why that check engine light is on? Do you just want to turn it off so you can take pickup riders without the fear of being deactivated?

The BlueDriver Bluetooth OBD II reader is a must-have tool for every rideshare driver and it works with Apple or Android.

I have been using this thing for a few years, and it has not failed me. The best thing about it? You can look up reports for that certain code within the app.

While you may not be able to fix the problem yourself, it can give you a few ideas of what to expect before you take it to a mechanic. With that information alone, you can save thousands. After all, a mechanic will say you have a dozen different things wrong with your car. Plug in this bad boy and you will see it may only be one code.

Pro Tip: If you have several codes, reset the codes with this tool. Often times erroneous codes will come from one being on. The first code back is usually your problem. Sometimes it goes away completely. Don’t let your mechanic rip you off!

Sure, Walmart has some for $30 that tell you the codes, but those do not give you reports based on what mechanics did to solve a problem. Many of the OBD readers are also limited to check engine lights. The BlueDriver does ABS codes as well.

The BlueDriver is just $99.99 from Amazon – Way cheaper than that $200 the dealer will charge you every time and guess what? You can use it over and over again. This will pay for itself after your first diagnosis.

Of course, you can always trust the free check at Autozone.. but remember, they get paid when you buy parts for that certain problem – Similar to the mechanic, it’s all about how much they can upsell you.

Buy it now from Amazon!

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