DHX1 – Amazon, 3031 S Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, TX 77047

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15 thoughts on “DHX1 – Amazon, 3031 S Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, TX 77047
        1. So you the exact location? Because my last interview I missed because all the doors were lock wasn’t nobody there I didn’t Know where to go I drove around for 30 mins and cried because couldn’t nobody help me.

          1. I don’t. I would say though that at every location, there are multiple 3rd party companies that deliver for Amazon. If that company is already treating you that bad, I would look for another one and ask if they are hiring while trying to find them. Depending on the time of the shift. You may have to go earlier to find someone with one of these companies aka regular business hours.

  1. I had a interview on the 30 Nd everything went fine they told me I will receive a text message with next steps the same day but I haven’t

  2. I’m still waiting too had 1 interview already they need to stop playing round I gots a family too feed I’m try get the bagg ya understand

    1. Hi Brenda, you may want to contact support through the Flex app.

      Also, the van’s are 3rd parties and vary from warehouse to warehouse. Best thing to do is find a warehouse by you, walk into the pickup area (same spot as Flex pickup) and you should see names of the 3rd party companies. You can probably just ask them directly, or take note of their names and find them later via google search.

  3. I showed up for my schedule time October 31, 2021 8:50p.m. there wasn’t any updates on what should I do for next scheduled time tonight

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