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Opinion: President Biden has not acknowledged Black Lives Matter and BLM has every right to be mad

The newly minted President-Elect Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris have yet to acknowledge that Black Lives Matter is a civil rights group.

The problem as Black Lives Matter puts it is that they were not contacted by anyone to attend the Civil Rights meeting yesterday, although they are the biggest (and probably most modernized) of the groups.

I do get their gripes about it, but the truth is, who is in charge of Black Lives Matter? While there are police departments trying to designate them as a terror group, that should know who is in charge, there is not a centralized location or phone number that someone can call and schedule a meeting. After all, it is a movement right?

With that said though, a simple google search solves this question.

Who are the founders of Black Lives Matter?
Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi

While I will have to do some digging to find out their contact information so that I am not sent to the BLM spam folder, I am sure President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have the capability to find actual phone numbers for these co-founders. I am pretty sure they have been designated as an NPO at this point, so it is all public record anyhow.

(yes, I am calling him President already)

Be mad with President Joe Biden if you want BLM, but that is who you have to work with for the next 4 years, possibly 8 years if he goes for a second term. (Remember, he was hesitant to run for election already).

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