Opinion: Uber and Lyft should embrace vaccine passports

Today, the CDC announced that we can hang out in groups with those who are vaccinated. It got me thinking, Uber and Lyft should embrace COVID passports.

I have not picked up a single rider since the 2020 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was shutdown. The reason? COVID-19. I couldn’t justify driving around Uber/Lyft riders for a few extra dollars and put my family at risk. Fortunately, I had a job that turned into a remote job within a few days. I know others were forced to justify driving, but when Uber/Lyft is your main source of income, you really do not have a choice. That is 100% justified. For my situation, it was not justifiable

Back to my point though.

Uber and Lyft should embrace vaccine passports. I would love to start driving again after I receive my second shot later this month. Yea, I’ll be fine if I do not drive, but with “experts” saying herd immunity can be reached by the end of the summer, it is time to start saving up for that next family vacation in Summer of 2022.

With the CDC allowing groups who are vaccinated to be together, why not connect riders with drivers who are vaccinated? Sure, there are privacy concerns, but vaccine passports are already in the works. If they connect with a 3rd party that is already developing them, it should not be that hard to integrate. After all, there is a Uber for everything already.

If this does not work, hopefully Uber and Lyft can at the very least require masks in Texas for both riders and drivers.

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