Take 5

Why is HPD trying to run cyclists off the road?

In this video, a cyclist is riding his bicycle on 59, near the Montrose bridges (you know, the pretty ones with all the LED lights).

As crazy as he is being, does this give the Houston Police Department the right to run him off the road in an attempt to stop him? In high-speed chases, even slow ones like the infamous OJ Simpson police chase, the cops do not try and run them off the road, no matter how long it takes, so why this response from HPD?

As for when this happened, it is unclear This particular copy was posted to TikTok in the last week, but considering how easy it is to copy and re-post videos, we can only assume this was not the original. However, someone did post to reddit of another cyclist merging from 59 to 610. This could be a copycat, and I applaud HPD for getting them off the freeway, which is extremely dangerous, but so is running cyclists off the road with a 2 ton vehicle.

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