Take 5

Would this make you feel uncomfortable?

A Uber driver is rolling around with what many think are bulletproof vests and handcuffs.


Who ever rode with someone like this? I was scared at first #viral #fyp #tiktokviral #explore #selflove #fypシ

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While those are not truly bulletproof vests (think more of the lines of paintball), the handcuffs are real and are a red flag to many of the potential riders in the comment section.

But, did we come here to rag on what may be a Veteran? No. It is hard to say if he is an actual Veteran since he is going the extra mile to let us know he was in the military. The red flags for stolen valor are the USMC stickers on every seat and not a single one of those vests would match what the USMC issued. If anything, it could be National Guard issued, or Army issued, but without knowing who this driver is, it would be hard to assume if this is #stolenvalor or not. (The front seat one is purely for exercise)

However, If you look closely, you will see he has one on the front passenger seat, and on the middle seats that essentially separate riders. This is actually a pretty smart idea that keeps your riders out of the front seat, and separated from each other given COVID and the fact that Uber and Lyft still have their passenger capacity lowered.

While this is a smart way, it is for sure making quite a few riders uncomfortable. To be honest, I would be a bit uncomfortable myself.

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