Hey DoorDash Customers! This is what happens when you do not tip your drivers!

Mark Ury posted a video on TikTok with the caption of: “When the DoorDash order is 8 miles away and doesn’t tip”. In the video, he not only lowers the a/c, but takes the food out of the DoorDash bag (which is designed to keep it warm) and throws it on the floor.


Got me fucked up thinkin I’m driving across the city for $3.50 #doordash #cold #food #delivery

♬ original sound – Mark Ury

His claim “driving across the city for $3.50 “does have some truth behind it. This is basically the going rate for Dashers. Of course, this amount is supposed to get higher the further you go according to DoorDash, but sadly, this translates roughly into an extra $1 or $2.

With that said, we are able to see if you tipped or not upfront based on the rate DoorDash is giving us. What Mark Ury does not understand is that you can simply refuse to accept an order. Of course, this will lower your acceptance rating and considering most promotions are tied into your acceptance rating, you will sooner or later (usually sooner) lose that promotion. Mark does not understand that these promotions are simply not worth it. When we look at the promotions, we maybe getting 1 or 2 extra dollars per each trip at the end of the day.

To all the drivers – It is worth cherrypicking dashes. We know you may rely on this full time like Mark, but that is why you need to sign up for other delivery services. This way you can have your pick.

Customers – DoorDash sucks on fees. I know this. If you do not have enough to tip after fees, please look into cheaper alternatives like UberEats. Keep in mind, UberEats does not really push the hot bags like DoorDash does. How much should you tip? My “standard” payout, is $1 a mile. So if the restaurant is 3 miles away, please tip at least $3. Combine that with the min. payout from DoorDash, and my pay isn’t so bad.

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