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Whole Foods is rewarding its employee’s hard work with one free drink

Whole Foods (which is owned by Amazon) is raising some eyebrows because they decided to reward their employee’s hard work with one free drink per shift.


@Whole Foods Market uh? I think more $$ would help more than free kombucha. #fightfor15 #raisethewage #wholefoods #groceryworker #smh #notenough #free

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We want to appreciate everyone for coming in and working so hard while we are understaffed. Weekends
have been super stressful, and we understand and appreciate each of You for showing up and bringing your
best. The fridge in the Lifestyle center is stocked to the brim with tasty beverages. Please help yourself
to one per shift this weekend.

Store Leadership”

Yes, you read that correctly. “One per shift”.

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