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Should this security guard have been fired?

By now you likely have seen the video of Tony Martinez – a security guard yelling at a woman in a Tulsa, Oklahoma hospital emergency room waiting area. He did so because the woman was being unruly and yelling at other patients in the waiting area.

The secruity guard has since been fired after working for the hospital for 6 years., as he talks about in this video below.

Tell us, Do you think he should have been fired? Why or why not?

4 thoughts on “Should this security guard have been fired?
  1. He shouldn’t have been fired but he was. The only thing he shouldn’t have done was throw the F word in it out of respect for the others in the room. It doesn’t bother me to hear that word but it’s probably inappropriate in that setting.

  2. Organizations screw up when instead of discipline they fire. Costs them money and have a hard time finding someone to work there.

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