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Fact Check: Can you really buy fake vaccine cards from social media?

The short answer is yes. Someone with the username of 5starjazziii decided that she would make some money off Instagram and fake vaccine cards.

These were legitimate fake. By that, I mean she would act ask a broker between customers and people who worked in vaccination clinics like CVS, Walgreens, even hospitals and they would enter in your name, and lot number. In exchange she would pay them $100 per person/card. (She charged $200)

This below video goes in depth about how it all went down and explains it quite well:


in case you missed this…

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Now, it should be noted that the FBI has been contacted and is actively involved according to the below video. If you bought a card from her, guess what? You have committed a felony. While, you may have been using an alias such as 5starjazziii or antivaxmomma2, there is likely some kind of money trail that will tie you to 5starjazziii, and the person who entered you into the system. Maybe you used Cashapp, but didn’t you have to provide your tax id number? Either way, Facebook (the company who owns Instagram) takes the side of vaccinated and they will likely hand over your information which will include your IMEI number that will tie you directly to your Facebook alias. Remember, there is no such thing as “anonymous” online.

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