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Who is Brandon Freyre?

Brandon Freyre is a 20 year old student at the University of Delaware who beat a fellow woman student for 4 hours, blinded her with spray paint, and then threw her down the stairs.

Brandon Freyre has been charged with kidnapping second degree, assault second degree, strangulation, terroristic threatening, assault third degree, and criminal mischief. He was jailed with a cash bond of $38,1000 and has since been released after he made bail.

University of Delaware was initially quiet about the investigation which cause another student, Kiera Spann ( @famousblonde on TikTok) to organize a protest which went viral on protest said that they did not notify students at first because it was a domestic case, one which took place at an off campus apartment.


please share. we deserve to feel safe on our campus. stop all of the /iolence. #ud #universityofdelaware #college #delaware #protest #dv #share

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