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Fact Check: Did Jinn kid really murder his wife for cheating on him?

A Tik-Tok influencer, who goes by the username @jinnkidid was arrested today for murdering his own wife.

According to court documents, @jinnkidd (real name: Ali Abulaban) secretly installed a listening device on his 5-year old daughter’s tablet to listen in on his estranged wife. Once he heard a male’s voice, he busted in, with a gun and killed both the mother and her friend (unknown if they were in an intimate relationship). He then called his mom, which a security camera picked up, confessing to murdering both of them at close range. All of this happened just before 3 pm in Ana Abulaban’s apartment on the 35th floor of the Spire San Diego high-rise, on Island Avenue in East Village.

After, he decided to go pick up his daughter from school, still armed with the murder weapon.

Jinn Kidd allegedly confessed to detectives and accused his wife of cheating on him. He could be facing the death penalty if convicted, which is why he plead not guilty. Prosecutors have not decided if they will go after the death penalty or life in prison.


TikToker MURDERS his wife. Now @JinnKid is arrested for murder awaiting trial for shooting two people. #breakingnews #murdertrial #sandiego

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