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Do you know this guy? He is terrorizing women in Mesa, AZ with racial slurs on cardboard signs

Mesa, AZ – A mother and child were on their way to school. When she pulled out onto the road, another driver, visibly became upset, yelled obscenities, etc. Your basic, whoops I cut you off and now you are mad road rage episode.

However, it quickly turned into a not-so-average road rage episode when he decided to pull out several cardboard signs. The first one read “Whore”. The second one read “Wetback” and finally a 3rd one – “C********er.

However, that is not even the scary part. A week later, he showed up, weaved in and out of traffic to catch up to her, and basically did an encore of his first road rage episode. Is he stalking her at this point?

If you have seen this vehicle, please report him to local authorities as he appears to have major mental issues and should not be driving. He can be seen in the video below in a 2009 Kia Rondo – license plate CGY8109


Hey Mesa, AZ Who is this?

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