Disgusting: NOPD Officer involved in a shooting during a domestic disturbance call posts a video on TikTok making fun of domestic violence

Back in June, the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) posted a video of two officers exchanging gunfire with a man who was suspected of shooting his sister during an altercation. While the police officer’s actions were investigated and deemed to be justified, one of these officers – Torrey Riley Jr., recently posted a video to the popular social media app – TikTok, that makes light of domestic violence.

@lookitstorrey , a police officer in New Orleans, posted this video to TikTok

In the video (we have linked it, but it is posted here, since it will likely be deleted by TikTok and/or Officer Riley himself) Officer Riley has a caption that reads:

“When a domestic disturbance kicks in but you
get off in 10 minutes”

(In the background, you can hear a lady yelling and punching)

After a few seconds of looking around, Officer Riley decides to lean back in his seat and cut off the lights, in an attempt to not respond to the call.

While this is meant to be funny in nature (and if you ever had a job, you can relate, i.e. your boss giving you work at 4:50 pm, or a customer walking in 10 minutes before closing) given the seriousness of domestic violence and how deadly they can turn (Officer Riley, knows first hand) this is not cool to post. A better option would have been watching someone speed down the road and not doing anything right? Did he really have to choose a domestic violence case?

Are we sure this is the same Officer Riley that shot a man?

Yes, pretty much we are and for a couple of reasons:

1) His Nametag, username “@lookitstorrey”
2) His Uniform – Google NOPD officers, and you will see that same star, same color, and name tag.
3) His cruiser matches a NOPD cruiser (found a video a few videos back with it behind him)
4) Same pic of cruiser is in front of the First District police station in NOPD, which matches searches in Google.

A picture of Torrey A Riley Jr in front of a NOPD vehicle

Unless this is some kind of masterful troll that is using his likeness for videos, we are basically 99.9% certain this is the same Officer Torrey A. Riley, Jr. We are betting there are not a whole lot of Torrey Riley Jr.’s in New Orleans that are police officers.

By the way, we are the first to call the police and back the blue, but this is 100% not right for him to post.

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