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Magnolia PD Officer warns biker to ‘fold down’ license plate when a Texas State Trooper pulled up on the scene

In the below video, a Magnolia Police Department officer warned a motorcycle rider that “there is a trooper on scene, I’ll start folding that plate down right now”.

If you have been anywhere in or near Texas, you know the State Troopers do not play around. If you are getting pulled over by one of them, there is a 100% chance you will get a ticket. The officer, as many TikToker’s agreed in the comments “did him a solid”.

Why was his license plate folded up?

Bikers do this in an attempt to hide their plates from prying eyes, such as speed cameras, toll booth camera’s and cop’s eyes/dashcams when they decide to speed down the road or to commit another type of illegal act. In this case, we can assume these riders were just likely speeding, “having a good time”. Most motorcyclists know they can outrun the cops, so they will simply take off. These young bikers decided to pull over. Cops generally appreciate it when you pull over instead of taking off.

With that said, Jaxon LaFitte, the TikToker who posted this video claims “Think they’ve pulled me over about 5 times now, no tickets” – It will be interesting to see to who he may be related to out there in Magnolia, TX. Hopefully, he slows down before something major happens especially with an innocent victim. Just because you can get away with it, doesn’t mean you should or that you are safe from the laws of physics.

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