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Tiny pink robot delivers snacks and meals for UberEats, Doordash, and other platforms

Little robots like these pink ones delivering food have been appearing across the nation in the last year, even at the University of Houston, but this is a different type of robot.

While most food delivery platforms are focused on delivering their own orders via robots, this one is more like your typical platform delivery driver in the sense that it can deliver from any platform that allows it to work for them. This viral video on TikTok shows this tiny pink robot delivering snacks in Toronto, Canada.


So much joy!! I’ve been seeing these all over Toronto and was so excited when I saw it on my Ubereats. I ordered a ton of snacks and waited oh so patiently for it to arrive. Highly recommend checking this out the name of the company is tiny mile! #toronto #robot #food #delivery #deliverydriver #pink #allpinkeverything

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Tiny pink robot delivering food in Toronto

In the video, we heard her mention to a passerby that this is by a company that goes by the name Tiny Mile (TinyMarket.CA), so we decided to look it up.

On their homepage, it says to order from your preferred platform and it lists Snappy, UberEats, DoorDash, and SkiptheDishes.

If you have ever done delivery, you know the best way to make a profit is to sign up for every delivery service you can, and have those apps running all at the same time. This way, your chances of getting an order increase substantially. Not being bound by any company allows us to maximize profits, while these companies can classify us as independent contractors and not have to worry about paying minimum wages. Since this robot can work for (4) different companies, it will end up being utilized a lot more, just like an actual delivery driver. The only downside is that it may not have enough time to charge itself between deliveries. Although, it’s likely it can charge up ‘enough’ in a few minutes like an electric vehicle.

Will these robots replace delivery drivers? Should delivery drivers be worried?

I do not foresee this taking over every delivery person’s job any time soon because of the limited range (especially in the suburbs that are lacking in sidewalks)

Eventually, I would expect longer-range vehicles to make an impact, but we are still in the beginning stages of this. We are not taking into account customers who are stuck at home for one reason or another that are not able to meet a robot downstairs, on a sidewalk, or a street, not to mention some of these get stuck in a pothole.

However, once they are able to cheaply mass-produce stair climbing robots, delivery drivers – start looking for another gig.

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