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Island Boys, flysouljah, interviewed an ex-drug dealer who is now paralyzed

The ex-drug dealer from Missouri named Brandon was shot in the back during a robbery gone bad in his own car while he was dealing drugs.


..paralyzed from the waist down? Yeah, immediately, like right when it happened, like I just had this rush, of course, to get the adrenaline rush, but I had this rush and like this feeling of like I was sitting on a bouncy ball because it kind of like made me off balance because I couldn’t feel it from like my belly down. And yeah, immediately was paralyzed and I just pulled over. Call now. On one, they were coming to get me, and when I hung up on that 11, I like, call my call my girl and I call my kids on. So my love them just because, you know, I was stressed and didn’t know what was going to go down. But, you know. Go down. But, you know, I made it through got through that and everything, and so did the guy get. And to be honest, man, I regret it, but like I said, I’ve come to accept life like this, but like I was saying, I got robbed. I was I was dealing and they were trying to get what they were trying to pull on me. But really, to be honest, it wasn’t that much that they probably regret it now. It was worth it. Where do you where are you from? Missouri. Missouri. Oh, yeah, Missouri. Is Missouri, is that Saint Louis? You got Saint Louis? No, I’m not even in like a bad town like that. I mean, it’s how I heard about St. They’re bad. They’re. Yeah, Saint Louis is rough, but we’re not really like that bad as Saint Louis. But they lose the city. But so you’re so where are you from? Springfield. OK. That’s the capital, right? No, it’s a little bit south of the capital towards Arkansas. Yes, it’s really not that bad of a town. I just I was I was living a crazy life and living a crazy life. You know, you take risks that you don’t know they’re coming any day they can come, you know, so so you’re not doing that no more? Well, right? I spent a while after that healing and all that stuff. But right now I’m I’m wanting to go back to school and be a counselor for youth. You know, so maybe I can give back to like the youth helped and not make some of the decisions that I made. I know. I definitely understand. I mean, listen, I’m proud of you. I’ll probably have a girlfriend that takes care of you. You know, you learn. So it was nice talking to you. All right. What’s your name? Yeah, you too, Brandon. It’s good talking with you, man. I’m glad I talked with you. Take it easy.

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