Shady Drivers Take 5

Devon Shurden, a Houston Uber driver and personal trainer has been accused of sexual harassment at a Heights gym

In a post shared to the West Houston Heights Nextdoor page, a popular social media app designed to connect you with your neighbors, a father expressed his frustration about his daughter’s personal trainer at the Anytime Fitness on Yale St.

In the post, shown below, his daughter claims that her trainer shared that he was an Uber driver.

“My daughter goes to Anytime Fitness on Yale and recently shared some disturbing information about a
male trainer there. She bought a package of training sessions and said while sitting with him discussing
her goals and what she needs help with, she told him she will need help bench pressing so she
doesn’t mess up her plastic surgery. His response to that was, “Did you not have them before?”
(Basically asking did she not have breasts before) WTF! Who asks that and why does that matter?
Additionally, while there working out on her own she’s caught him looking her up and down like a
piece of meat while on the stair master, twice she’s seen him staring at her for an uncomfortable
amount of time, and lastly she said he has even gone as far as stalking her on Facebook and
rummaging through her photos liking them. This man is inappropriate and unprofessional and should
be fired.”

The post was removed pretty quickly from Nextdoor, assumingly after it was reported by Elaine Eisemann and Bonnie Milne of the West Houston Heights who apparently think accusations of sexual harassment by your own daughter do not need to be taken seriously until you see it for yourself, at which point you should not contact the police but management instead:

No description available.

Update: We were able to reach out to the father, and have learned this fitness trainer being accused is Devon Shurden.

If you have had any experience with him as a personal trainer, or as a Uber/Lyft driver – good or bad feel free to leave a comment below or contact us via private message on Twitter if you would like to remain anonymous.

While there is not any hardcore evidence that this personal trainer is also an Uber driver, here at, we take these types of allegations seriously. As always, if any Uber or Lyft driver makes you feel uncomfortable, please report them to Uber or Lyft and the police as the situation dictates. Reporting them is the only way to get the bad drivers off the road and ensure Uber and Lyft are safe for everyone. While it is unlikely that you will connect with the same driver again if you had a bad experience, chances are, someone else will.

25 thoughts on “Devon Shurden, a Houston Uber driver and personal trainer has been accused of sexual harassment at a Heights gym
  1. I hope this POS gets fired and ran out of Houston. Has anyone googled his name? This dude is a textbook narcissist. He created a webpage and posted pictures of himself to make himself look like a model.

    God bless that woman’s father for getting this story out there to the public and if the victim reads this, girl we stand with you.❤️ I hope the local news stations pick this up.

    1. Thank you for visiting my website and commenting on this story. My dad is amazing for dragging this loser on Nextdoor for what he did. Karma is a bitch. Unfortunately, he will just change victims and strike again because he’s mentally ill. If he tries to gain employment elsewhere this story will pop up in the name search at the top because my site gets a lot of traffic and for that I’m happy about.

  2. Abusers be like: how dare you ruin my reputation by telling people things I did and said.

    I’m happy this young lady told her dad and something was said. Trainers are a dime a dozen and this one is a bad apple. He needs the boot immediately before he strikes again.

    1. Thank you for visiting my website and commenting on this story Heather. People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder just change victims when they don’t get their way. I may be the first one to speak out about his behavior, but I guarantee there are others and there will be more. According to science the brain scans of someone with NPD are almost identical to psychopaths, which make them dangerous. A police report had been filed on him and I hope he stays under a microscope at work because my confidential informant has told me he is still employed at Anytime Fitness.

  3. Based on a google search of this gym bro I’d have to agree with Amanda’s narcissist comment. This guy is so full of himself it’s un real. He’s literally gone to extreme lengths to post photos of himself on various websites to be seen. I think my favorite is how his Twitter says he’s an investor. LOL! You’re a personal trainer working at Anytime Fitness because your two businesses aren’t thriving and you have to drive for Uber on top of that because you’re living in the Galleria going broke trying to look rich. This guy is a scam artist and a clown. Prayers for the lady who suffered the harassment.

  4. I go to this gym and the trainer being accused was rude as fuck to me on my first day there. I didn’t know how to work the treadmills because they’re touch screen so I went to go find someone and he was sitting by the front door on his phone and when I said “hi, how do you work the treadmills?” He got up and lashed out at me in an ugly tone of voice as he walked over to the treadmill to turn it on saying, “this is why I don’t like doing these.” I had no idea what he was talking about, but I’m assuming he was having to meet with a customer online via zoom or something. About 15 minutes later he came over to the treadmill I was on and said, “I hope you don’t think I was being rude.” I looked at him and said, “it’s fine” because I didn’t want to tell him that he was in fact rude to me and make a scene because I’m new and don’t want any problems.
    To me, that was not an apology. After that incident I’ve seen him checking me out 3 times along with trying to get my attention. I guess he thinks I’m stupid and don’t notice it or maybe that’s the whole point is he wants me to notice it and thinks I’m going to run over and give him attention. It’s 100% noticeable and predatory as fuck. You can tell this guy needs excessive admiration from others and is seeking anything he can get. I hope the owner of this place catches wind of his behavior and dismisses him immediately from working there. He is the reason why so many women don’t like going to gyms to begin with. Seek help Devon, your mental illness is showing.

  5. I saw this story in the heights Facebook group and want to comment on the lack of customer service this gym location has. I’ve been a member there for a few years because of the 24 hour aspect. If you go in there during business hours don’t expect anyone to say good morning, hello, how are you, or have a nice day. No one acknowledges you upon walking in the door or when leaving and it’s sad. This place needs a complete over haul in customer service. What’s even sadder is the owner is there in the mornings with the trainers and he’s part of the problem. Not one time has he ever said a word to me and I’ve made direct eye contact with him multiple times upon entering his business.

    1. Thank you for the comment and for visiting my site. I suggest you leave this gym immediately. I filed a police report for stalking me online, sexual harassment, and discrimination (because I’m a man dressed as a woman) which is why he questioned me on if I had titties before. He was trying to figure out my gender – which is none of his business.

  6. I know Devon and he definitely comes across predatory like one of the commenters above mentioned. He looks at women as objects for his pleasure and nothing more. He’s gross and will be keeping him at an arms length.

  7. What’s your obsession with me Devon? I can see that you’ve been visiting my site because you updated your Twitter. Haha! I know I’m getting under your skin and I’m glad. You deserve this online roasting. I hope you lose business and jobs because of your actions towards me. Did you really think I was going to sit back and be quiet about your weird predatory behavior? You picked the absolute worst person in Houston to pick on.

    1. This message is for the woman who was harassed by Devon. I’m sorry you had to go through something so traumatic, I hope you are on the mend and doing well. I started doing some digging on this guy after reading this story and wanted to ask if you noticed his Instagram followers are mostly fake? It appears he purchased his followers on both of his accounts, especially the fitlifechoices one. I even clicked on a bunch of his posts to look at the engagement on each and he hardly gets any likes or comments. Thats a tell-tale sign of someone scamming their audience into thinking they are sought after/special. I don’t understand why he can’t be honest. If he’s scamming people this way he’s probably doing it elsewhere. He seems like the type to try to sneak his way onto his clients social media accounts to find out information about them to scam them somehow.

      1. Thank you for the kind message Nick. I investigated him a bit earlier this year and learned very quickly this guy is a con-artist so I’m not surprised by your findings. His LinkedIn says he’s a great communicator and good at all kinds of things and I’m like say what? Ummm, no sir you are not. I had first hand experience with him and he’s arrogant and has no people skills whatsoever. This has to be why he’s working at Anytime Fitness because no one will hire him for a real job or they did and found out very quickly he was lying. He has an ego the size of Texas and tries to use his looks to get things (because he thinks he’s hot). He looks like a regular dude…nothing to see here.

  8. Damn bro, dad should have sent you to law school. You’re a beast.🤣 When are these fools going to realize they need to stop fucking with you?! You got the Harris County Sheriff, Harris County District Attorney, and several news outlets following you on Twitter because you always put out fire stories and expose bad people. That’s why Houston loves you. You don’t give a fuck and will tell it ALL. There’s a special place in hell for this piece of shit. His day is coming.

    1. Thank you that means the most.🥺 I’m not losing sleep over this pathological liar and predator. He is over me though, bet.🤣🤣🤣 I know he won’t respond to any of these comments either because he’s a pussy.

  9. This guy is a sexual predator and very disturbed. What really blows my mind is the fact the gym owner Matt Soileau didn’t get rid of him. Last I checked, stalking, sexual harassment, and discrimination are all very serious offenses. If this was to have taken place at any other business, he would have been fired immediately. I’m going to share this story with my employees so they know to stay away from here. Your dad is a strong man to not go up there and knock his teeth out. Many blessings and prayers for you.

    1. Very disturbed indeed Mr Bill. The reason he wasn’t fired is because the owner is a gay man that is sexually attracted to Devon. I know this because When I spoke to Matt on the phone in May he blurted it out and it made perfect sense as to why nothing was done to Devon. I recorded the conversation and have it saved for if I ever need to use it as evidence. This is nothing compared to the other disgusting behavior from this low life. The last straw from me was when I walked in the gym on the second Friday of February 2022 and as I walked in Devon was standing behind the desk giving me a seductive look. I’m not joking! This dude was legit trying to seduce me and I almost asked him “why the fuck are you staring at me like that” but I kept my composure and slowly walked by the desk to the treadmill not breaking eye contact with him and when doing so his mouth started moving like he wanted to tell me something but nothing was coming out. He kept staring as he watched me walk over to the treadmill and as I got on it he sat down in a chair and turned it to face me and watched me on the mill for a good 10 minutes not taking his eyes off me. You could tell he was in some sort of mental health situation and I legit was scared for my life. I got off the treadmill after 15 minutes and went to the stair master. After that I left the gym but before I could get out the door of the gym Devon who was sitting at the desk alone in a nearly empty gym blurted out at me: “Ahhhhh Yeaahhhh” in a loud tone of voice like he was having sex. I can’t make this up!!! I was mortified and ran out of the gym and went home to tell me dad everything that had transpired with this guy since starting at this gym at the end of 2021. I returned to the gym a couple times after that incident because my body is under contract because of what I do for a living and needed to tighten up before a big shoot. When I returned Devon was acting like the weirdo that he is. You could tell he was extremely embarrassed for shouting that out at me. I stopped going to the gym all together in February. Devon traumatized me and I’ve had to go through therapy because of his actions as well as Matt’s dismissing me and trying to sweep this under the rug like it never happened. I could go on about the other things he did to try to get my attention if you really want to know. I’m all gas and no brakes over here.

      1. Jesus Christ, what a freak show! You’re welcome to share your other experiences you had with him as long as it doesn’t stir up any bad feelings inside because I don’t want it to upset you. I think the public should be aware of everything he did to you. You sharing your story is courageous and helpful to others.

        1. I’m in a better place now, thank you Mr. Bill for your kind words and being a loyal follower of mine. In regards to him trying to get my attention the first time was within the first week of me being there. He saw me walking towards the exit door to try and leave the gym and he power walked from the heavy lifting area bolting towards me like he wanted me to look up and acknowledge him or run into him I’m not sure which one. I didn’t give him the time of day by looking at him because that’s what he wanted. Second time, I was on treadmill and left it to get some water at the fountain in the back. On my way back to the mill he had run over to the open space where people stretch and he stood there eyes locked on me the whole time I walked back to the treadmill trying to flex his arm muscles trying to get me to say something about his body. As soon as I got back to the treadmill I left shortly because I wanted no part of this man’s circus. Last time, I came in and got on the treadmill for 20 minutes. When I left he was sitting with a female client at the main desk and as I walked towards the exit door I peered his way and he completely ignored the female client and proceeded to stare at me till I walked out the door looking at me with bedroom eyes like he so desperately wanted my attention. His behavior is atrocious and believe in my heart he will never change. I hope more people reach out to me over time to share their experiences so I can put him on blast some more.

    1. Good Morning Blake and thank you for the comment. Devon had anxiety long before I put him on blast for the whole world to see. I watched him self destruct while being a member at Anytime Fitness and you could tell he had mental health issues early on. If he would come at me correctly and apologize for traumatizing me and do what I tell him to do, such as yearly sexual harassment training, learning about the transgender community and how to treat us, along with some community service at The Montrose Center I would gladly take these articles down about him. The gym owner nor Devon has reached out to apologize so guess what…I’m not going anywhere and neither are my articles. I’m the gift that keeps on giving.💀 I’m even thinking of starting a new business where my team and I go into large corporations and do sexual harassment training and incorporate how to address trans/non binary/gender fluid people. I would use this story in my PowerPoint presentation to the public because it’s powerful and what’s sad is this shit happens more often than you think. It’s wrong. It’s disgusting and it needs to stop.

      1. You’re not asking for much and if I was him I would be all over that to redeem myself. I think that’s a great idea to take a bad story and turn it into a good one with the business venture you mentioned. I’m 99% sure you’re not going to get an apology from this trash so I hope you’re taking care of yourself and not letting it get to you.

        1. Thank you Blake. I’m def taking care of myself and not letting weak MF’s get to me. It’s hard to cry when you make 500k a year and can have anything you want.

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