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Florida Rep. Jared Moskowitz Challenges Colleagues Over Book Bans and Gun Control

March 29, 2023

In a stirring and emotional address, Florida Representative Jared Moskowitz confronted his colleagues across the aisle on their priorities, criticizing their focus on banning books while neglecting to address the issue of assault rifles.

“Dead kids can’t read,” stated Moskowitz, referring to the tragic instances of school shootings that have claimed the lives of countless young people. He lamented the lack of action on gun control legislation, particularly measures to restrict access to assault rifles, which have been used in numerous mass shootings.

Moskowitz, clearly impassioned by the subject, pointed out the irony of legislators focusing on banning books in schools while failing to address the actual dangers that students face. “When people go into schools and murder children while they’re trying to read, you guys are worried about banning books,” he said.

As part of his argument, Moskowitz mentioned the AR-15, a type of assault rifle that has been used in several high-profile mass shootings. He emphasized the devastating effects of this weapon on victims, noting that there is often “nothing left” of the children targeted in these attacks.

“You know why you don’t hunt with an AR-15 for a deer? There’s nothing left,” Moskowitz said, stressing the need for greater gun control measures to protect students and prevent future tragedies.

The impassioned speech has drawn attention to the ongoing debate around gun control and the appropriateness of certain reading materials in schools. While some support Moskowitz’s call for stricter gun regulations, others argue that the focus should remain on parental rights and preserving traditional values in the education system.

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