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MTA Employees Rescue Autistic 3-Year-Old Boy from New York Subway Tracks

A heartwarming TikTok video, posted by CNN, has captured the heroic actions of MTA employees in New York who managed to rescue a three-year-old autistic boy who had wandered onto the subway tracks. The employees quickly called for a complete stoppage of trains to ensure the child’s safety during the rescue operation.


Metropolitan Transportation Authority employees in New York rescued a 3-year-old boy that fell onto an electrified rail line. #cnn #news #train #mta #newyork #railway

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In the video, viewers can see the MTA employees working together to save the young boy and safely remove him from the tracks. The child was eventually reunited with his parents, and the incident has gained widespread attention and praise for the quick thinking and courageous efforts of the MTA staff.

The video has gone viral, with social media users commending the MTA employees for their dedication to public safety and for preventing a potential tragedy. The incident serves as a reminder of the crucial role public transportation workers play in our communities and the importance of remaining vigilant to ensure the safety of all passengers.

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