Uber Charter is now in Houston

In a groundbreaking move, Uber has just launched its latest service in Houston: Uber Charter. This service is designed to cater to large groups of people who want to travel together, whether it’s for a birthday celebration, concert, wedding, office outing, or a bachelorette party.

Uber Charter enables users to book large vehicles such as limo buses, coach buses, and passenger vans, all through the same, familiar Uber app. This service is a considerable extension to the ride-hailing giant’s offerings, and it seeks to simplify group travel by providing upfront pricing and easy, in-app bookings.

“Whether you’re off to a wedding, concert, or getaway, Uber Charter will help your group keep the party going,” says a spokesperson for Uber.

The new feature is straightforward: Users can get a quote, choose from multiple vehicles depending on their needs, and book directly through the app or online. The service has been launched in collaboration with US Coachways, a third-party provider, to ensure availability and variety of vehicles.

Uber Charter is particularly useful for large events. For birthdays, users can gather their friends and travel from one location to another in a limo bus or passenger van. Concert-goers can start the party early, singing along in a mini bus. Wedding hosts can ensure their guests are transported seamlessly between the hotel, ceremony, and reception. Employers can treat their staff to a day out, facilitating team-building on a coach bus. And bachelorette parties can become even more luxurious, with the whole crew traveling together in a mini bus.

However, Uber has clarified that they are not responsible for third-party offers and services. When users book an Uber Charter, they consent to Uber sharing their name and trip details with US Coachways, with their information then being subject to US Coachways’ Privacy Policy.

The company is optimistic about this new service, anticipating it will significantly improve the convenience of group travel. The complete list of locations where Uber Charter is available can be found on the Uber website.

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