UberPool, now UberX Share is coming to Houston

Houston, TX, June 6, 2023 – Uber, the global ride-hailing giant, is set to roll out its innovative ride-sharing service, UberX Share, in Houston on June 8, 2023. This new service option allows two riders heading in similar directions to share a ride, aiming to improve earnings for drivers, while providing a more affordable option for passengers.

UberX Share has been designed with the drivers’ earnings in mind. According to Uber, the earnings from the first pick-up on an UberX Share trip will be at least equivalent to that of a regular UberX trip. Drivers will earn an additional fare for each co-rider pick-up. The new service is expected to reduce idle time for drivers and help them meet their earning goals faster. Importantly, the discounts offered to riders on these shared trips will not impact the drivers’ pay.

In addition to earnings, UberX Share also considers the time and comfort of the drivers. If a rider is more than 2 minutes late, the driver has the right to cancel the pick-up and collect a cancellation fee. Any negative rating from a rider due to issues like pick-up, bad route, or co-rider, will not impact the driver’s rating.

UberX Share will limit the number of co-riders to two at a time, and all riders will be required to uphold Uber’s Community Guidelines. Moreover, accepting or rejecting UberX Share trip requests will not impact the drivers’ Uber Pro status.

Uber’s innovative approach to ride-sharing continues to evolve, aiming to provide better earning opportunities for drivers, affordable options for riders, and less congestion on the roads.

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