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BREAKING: Brass Queens Crowned NYC’s Favorite Subway Performers in Inaugural Riders’ Choice Award

The city that never sleeps has spoken! New York’s first-ever Riders’ Choice Award results have been announced, and taking the top spot is none other than the talented group Brass Queens. The all-women brass band outperformed hundreds of their peers to be crowned the favorite subway performers by New Yorkers in this inaugural event.

The Riders’ Choice Award, an initiative by Music Under New York, saw a massive turnout, with 128 performers applying and 40 making it to the audition stage. Of these, 24 talented groups and individuals earned their place on the roster, but only three finalists were selected for the ultimate competition.

After a high-voltage contest, the Brass Queens emerged victorious, demonstrating their incredible musical talent and crowd appeal. Their vibrant performances have been a source of joy for subway commuters, and now, they have the title to prove their popularity.

But the accolades do not stop there. Along with the Riders’ Choice Award, Brass Queens will also receive a coveted recording session with Atlantic Records. This offers them an opportunity to take their music to new heights and reach a broader audience.

The Riders’ Choice Award embodies the spirit of New York, spotlighting the diverse talent that graces subway stations across the city every day. By enabling the public to vote for their favorite performers, the award gives power to the people and turns their daily commute into a celebration of local music.

Congratulations to Brass Queens on their remarkable achievement and to all the artists who make the New York subway experience an unforgettable musical journey. This triumph is a testament to the magic that happens when talent meets public transport. We’re eagerly anticipating what Brass Queens will create in their session with Atlantic Records and how they’ll continue to enrich the vibrant soundscape of NYC’s subway system.

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