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False Alarm at Tesla Giga Factory Austin Triggers Evacuation

AUSTIN, TX – An alert about an “Active Attacker” at the Tesla Giga Factory in Austin, Texas, triggered a swift evacuation of the facility. However, it was later confirmed to be a false alarm.

The alert, which was issued near column location 35Zat the Giga Factory, prompted immediate action from the staff, who were instructed to take cover and await further details. The situation was quickly contained, and it was determined that there was no active threat to the facility or its employees.

The cause of the false alarm is currently under investigation. Tesla has not yet released a statement about the incident. The company’s swift response to the alert underscores the importance of safety protocols in such large-scale manufacturing facilities.

Despite the brief disruption, operations at the Tesla Giga Factory are expected to resume as normal. The facility, which is one of the largest of its kind in the world, plays a crucial role in Tesla’s production capabilities.

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