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Chief Finner Promises to Take Action on Houston Gas Station Shooting and Associated Criminal Activity

Houston, August 1, 2023 – Houston Police Chief Finner held a press conference today to address the recent shooting incident at a gas station at 2111 San Jacinto that left one man dead, and the general increase in crime in the area.

Joined by his team, Chief Finner expressed his frustration, mirroring that of Sammy, the owner of the gas station, and other business owners in the area. Finner promised that action will be taken and that in a matter of hours or days, there would be someone in custody for the shooting.

“We’re going to stand strong with Sam,” Chief Finner stated, referring to the station owner, who has become a voice for the community’s concerns.

The Chief acknowledged the challenges that the local businesses are facing, and expressed his intention to work closely with them to increase safety in the area. He suggested that there are steps that businesses themselves can take to improve safety, while also emphasizing the commitment of the police department to step up its presence and enforcement in the area.

“One guy deceased out here, unfortunately. Another one was injured and taken to the hospital. He has since been released. Not giving out a whole lot of information on a suspect, but a promise we will get him in custody,” Finner stated.

Sammy, the owner of the gas station where the incident took place, spoke on the damage to his business as a result of the increase in crime, including dealing, fighting, and begging. He called for a decrease in crime levels, and expressed hope that the police department’s efforts will bring results.

Chief Finner concluded the conference by reassuring the public and businesses that they are committed to “cleaning up the area” and reducing crime, a promise he has upheld in his 33 years of service.

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