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Texas Police Chief Pleads with Apartment Owners as Air Conditioning Crisis Strikes Independent Missionary Village Apartments

Hitchcock, Texas – August 3, 2023 – Amid the sweltering summer heat, residents of Independent Missionary Village Apartments find themselves in unbearable living conditions as their air conditioning units fail. Hitchcock’s Chief of Police, Wilmon C. Smith, has personally stepped in, contacting the apartment owners to advocate for urgent action.

Chief Smith reached out to the representative of Mr. Zieben, the apartment’s owner, voicing concerns for several residents living without functional air conditioning. The heat in some units is reported as intolerable, particularly for families with small children.

Despite the management office being closed, Chief Smith was able to relay his proposal—that the company should cover the cost of hotel accommodations for affected residents until their air conditioning was restored. The promise of the manager to relay this suggestion to the company’s “higher-ups” initially raised hopes for a swift resolution.

While waiting for a response, Chief Smith proactively contacted the Red Cross and multiple non-profit organizations to explore immediate relief options.

However, the company’s response proved disappointing. A company representative later communicated that the proposal for hotel accommodations had been rejected by company supervisors and attorneys. Parts for repairs, they reported, had been ordered but failed to provide a timeline for their arrival or completion of repairs.

Further, the representative controversially suggested that tenants should leverage their renter’s insurance policies to cover the cost of hotel rooms. She added that temporary window units had been installed for those who requested them.

Chief Smith publicly voiced his disappointment, stating, “The ultimate responsibility for the condition of your property rests with you, sir. My request on behalf of senior citizens, women, and children was not unreasonable.”

As the crisis unfolds amidst rising temperatures, the residents of Independent Missionary Village Apartments and the broader Hitchcock community await a satisfactory response from the property owners.

The full letter can be viewed below:

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