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Johnson County Battles Double Back Fire, 25% Contained

JOHNSON COUNTY, TX – Firefighters are battling the #DoubleBackFire in Johnson County, with the blaze now estimated to cover 1,400 acres. As of the latest reports, the fire is 25% contained, and crews continue to work tirelessly to patrol, mop up, and build more direct firelines.

The priority for the firefighters is the left flank of the fire, where they are focusing their efforts to construct more robust firelines to prevent further spread. Authorities are deploying additional resources, including personnel and equipment, to control the blaze and protect the local community.

Local residents are advised to stay tuned to emergency channels for updates and to follow any evacuation orders or advisories as the situation progresses. The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Community leaders have praised the rapid response and unwavering efforts of the firefighting teams, emphasizing the dedication and courage displayed under challenging conditions.

Those living in the affected areas are urged to adhere to all safety guidelines and be prepared for possible evacuation if the situation escalates.

Officials have not reported any injuries or fatalities in connection with the fire, and the extent of property damage is still being assessed.

The #DoubleBackFire is yet another example of the ongoing fire challenges faced by Texas and other states, particularly during the hot, dry summer months. Local, state, and federal agencies are working collaboratively to manage and mitigate the impact of these wildfires.

Updates on the #DoubleBackFire, as well as other active fires in the region, are available through local news channels and the Texas A&M Forest Service’s official social media accounts.

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