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Mayor Turner Expresses Support for Judge Lina Hidalgo Amid Mental Health Challenge

HOUSTON, TX – Mayor Sylvester Turner issued a statement expressing support and solidarity with Judge Lina Hidalgo, who is facing challenges related to mental health.

“As difficult as this may be, Judge Lina Hidalgo is not alone in facing this challenge. A 2023 report showed that over 30% of adults meet the criteria for having depression and/or anxiety. Thankfully, she is in the care of doctors who recognize that this is treatable and is committed to getting better,” the Mayor said.

Mayor Turner also took the opportunity to highlight the prevalence of mental health conditions and the importance of seeking treatment. He noted that resources are now more available than ever for those who need help and emphasized that the stigma surrounding mental health should not deter individuals from seeking the support they need.

“We cannot let stigma stand in the way of treatment. Our thoughts and prayers are with Judge Hidalgo,” Mayor Turner concluded.

The Mayor’s statement reflects a growing national conversation about mental health and the need to prioritize support and treatment for those struggling with such conditions. It also serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to ensure that mental health care is accessible and free from stigma.

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